The Residence


Art residencies provide the perfect environment for an artist to devote dedicated time to evolve their practice with the added benefits of studio spaces, new influences, contacts, visibility, and in some cases, even funding. Europe with its thriving art scene and support system is a major draw for artists from around the world. The region offers a wide variety of residency programs to help artists advance their craft and careers and also, strengthen international and local art communities.

Artists and their practice are the core commitment of WonderLust, therefore the process of conception, creation and production is made possible on a daily basis, discretely but consistently, remote from public exposure. WonderLust, offers a programme oriented on practice, critical reflection, dialogue with peers, contacts with audiences.

The residency provides working spaces in a suitable environment for artists who seek autonomy, feedback and/or interaction with peers, and the interdisciplinary art scene that Japan in particular offers, engaging in current artistic and theoretical debates through weekly discussions with the mentors, visits, presentations and public interactions with audiences. The WonderLust residency thus helps artists to develop their work and their professional practice.